Osmium Bar

1.399,00 €

Osmium bar in standardized MetaMetals form. Certified and delivered in sealed packaging. Osmium bars have got a slight bluish shine, which makes them unique compared to other precious metals. Limited B-series is in stock

  • Particularly high purity: Over 99.95%
  • Rarer than gold
  • High quality production from Austria
  • Weight: 31.1g

Buy osmium bars: Price, advantages & information on the rare precious metal

A bar, bullion or ingot is a precious metal that is cast into a standardized form and sold in various sizes. However, there is an important difference between bars of other precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium and an osmium bar. Precious metals such as gold or silver can be poured into the corresponding molds relatively easily due to their low melting point. However, this does not apply to osmium (element OS76), which is usually in powder form and has a very high melting point compared to other precious metals.

Osmium bars or flat bars are pressed into their bar form from powdered raw osmium in a special process using high heat and pressure.

What makes buying osmium bars so expensive compared to bars of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals?

Even many experienced investors are unaware of osmium. What many do not know: Osmium (in crystallized form) is not only the rarest, but also the most expensive (precious) metal on earth.

Osmium is a platinum metal and has the highest value density of all eight of these precious metals. Put simply, this means that the physical volume of osmium is particularly high in relation to its traded value.

Only around 1 tonne of raw osmium is mined each year. Of this, only around 100 kg is refined. The high price of osmium is therefore primarily due to its rare occurrence on earth and the high demand. One of the most striking differences between osmium bars and bars of many other precious metals is that osmium is not melted, but pressed into bars as a powder. The so-called "sintering" (a process in which pressure and heat are used to shape the osmium into a specific form - for example as an ingot) creates a unique surface.

The price therefore reflects the rarity on the one hand, but also the complex production and cleaning process of the osmium bars on the other.

Buying osmium bars (ingots, bullions): What to look out for?

There are several things investors should look out for when buying an osmium bar:

  • The purchase should only be made from trustworthy dealers, such as "MetaMetals".
  • The osmium purchased should be in a form that is harmless to health so that no harmful OsO4 gas can form in the air. This includes, for example, bars or osmium crystals.
  • The osmium bar should have the highest possible degree of purity (>99%).
  • As osmium is considered one of the rarest and therefore most valuable precious metals, the osmium bar should be stored in a safe place after purchase, such as a safe. Alternatively, the depositories of some banks are a good option.

Do osmium bars contain toxic substances?

There is no straightforward answer regarding the toxicity of osmium bars. The decisive factor here is the production and processing of the bars. Basically, and osmium has this in common with many other metals, the element (Os) is toxic. In its original form as a powder, osmium is therefore not recommended for investors. However, the situation is different if the osmium powder is pressed into cubes, bars, spheres or other shapes using a special process. The osmium bars offered at MetaMetals are considered safe due to the prior cleaning and the high manufacturing standards. However, the situation with various sellers and online stores where osmium bars are sold may be different, which is why osmium should only be purchased from reputable sources. It goes without saying that osmium is not suitable for consumption and should be kept away from children. Crystalline osmium is one safety level above this. The only form of osmium that is really not recommended is the powder or dust form. Osmium melting spheres are also usually less interesting - at least from an investor's point of view.

How do you look after an osmium bar (ingot, bullion)?

An osmium bar generally requires no maintenance if it is stored in the designated storage locations. Even water cannot harm osmium bars, as the precious metal, unlike iron and some other metals, resists corrosion. If dust collects on the purchased, pressed osmium, it can simply be wiped off with a cloth.

Purity of osmium bars (ingot, bullion)

The purity of osmium bars can vary, but is usually over 99%. The osmium bars from MetaMetals even have a purity of 99.95% and a unique, bluish glow. The purity in percent refers to the content of pure osmium per bar.

Alternative to osmium bars: crystalline osmium

The osmium bar or ingot or bullion is not the only form in which osmium can be purchased. In addition to the bar form, osmium crystals are extremely popular, not least due to the unique structure and appearance of the crystals. Whether osmium bars or osmium crystals are purchased is ultimately a matter of taste.

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