About us

"Highly refined precious metals meet a growing digital world. MetaMetals takes the best of both to shape tradeable products. We want to bring safety, decentralization and the opportunity of higher performance to our customers."

— Stay physical —

Dominik Pilz
Dominik Pilz

Ardor Strategy GmbH, Co-Founder and CEO

Education in Civil Engineering ; Certfied Personal and Mental Coach

HR, Project Management, Logistics

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
- Ralph Marston

Rainer Stellnberger
Rainer Stellnberger

Ardor Strategy GmbH, Co-Founder and CTO

Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering

Digital Product Development

“MetaMetals: Crystallized precious metals meet Web3.”
- My personal definition of FinTech

Dr. Alexander Wimmer
Dr. Alexander Wimmer

SMT Metalle Wimmer, Founder and CEO

Doctorate in Metallurgy

Product Development, Precious metal crystallization

“Science actually only starts to become interesting, where it ends.”
- Justus von Liebig