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Certificates of Authenticity

Certificates of authenticity help owners to check the legitimacy of their product and also offer them an important tool for reselling. Certificates of authenticity can be accessed online and they are digitally signed.

Main Takeaways 

Certificates of authenticity are available for all of our products. They are pdfs which can be accessed online, downloaded and printed. MetaMetal certificates have a digital signature which proofs the legitimacy of the document.


One wish which was steadily expressed - we need certificates of authenticity. A proof which can be accessed to confirm the authenticity of a product. The following sections should explain how our product certificates look, which data is attached and how it can be handled with our digital solutions. 


Our products (at the moment precious metal bars and precious metal crystals) have a different set of specs which are important. E.g. osmium bullions have the following specs on the certificate: 

  • Serial number: It's the serial number engraved on the bar. It can also be read from the product code.
  • Production: It's the year the bar was manufactured in. 
  • Purity: For bars we guarantee a purity of 99.95%. 
  • Product Code: There will be resources on how to read our product codes.
  • Weight: 1 troy ounce = 31.1g

Osmium crystals for example provide you with this: 

For crystals we guarantee a purity of at least 99.995%. At the moment our yearly measurements of the batch purity depend on the lab equipment we can provide ourselves. That's why we have to emphasize at least.  At least does mean, that it can be much higher, however this is the purity we can guarantee in any case.  We've already done special tests which could measure a purity of up to 6 nines behind the comma. The measurement which can provide data like that is specialized equipment of measurement companies.  If someone would like a measurement with higher precision we can offer that upon request. 

Digital signature

Our pdfs are digitally signed - if opened with a pdf viewer (e.g. Adobe), the signature can be clearly linked to us (metametals.com) as emitting party. In case of doubt, users should always prefer the digital certificate over a printed one - that's where you can easily verify the authenticity of the certificate. Check for the signer metametals.com - it means that the signatures origin is our website. 


Certificates are distributed in separate ways. During manufacturing the manufacturing and shipping process, the pdfs are created. A link is sent out via E-Mail to access the certificate. If a user account is created for making an order, the certificate can also be seen in the order details. 

QR Code

One type of our bar packaging also provides a QR Code on the inside. If scanned, it links to the online certificate. Here's a QR code to test - it links to the following certificate: