Precious metals meet technology³

What are Metametals?

Crystallized or in bars. Our precious metals are not only unique in their physical form. MetaMetals are also deliverable digital goods.

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Our Products

Osmium Bar

Sintered - 1 Ounce bar - Limited Edition
One of the scarcest precious metals on earth redefines monetary density.

Platinum Bar

Cold forged - 1 Ounce bar - Limited Edition
A modern precious metal with many industrial applications.

Silver Bar

Cold forged - 1 Ounce bar - Custom Engraving
Reliable, known and respected. An approved reserve.

Crystals grow via vapour transport. Find out more.

Crystalized Osmium

Bluish shine - High purity - 3D


Slight yellow - High purity

Crystalized Gold

High purity - 3D

Crystalized Silver

Fine growth - High purity

Coming soon

Our Services

Metametals are always redeemable. Physicals can also be directly purchased via our webshop.

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Utility for MetaMetals NFTs is one of our visions. Leave us an email if you're interested.

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Our bars can be engraved according to your wishes. Quotes, memes, birthday wishes, etc. Our configurator is coming soon.

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Our digital goods are backed by physical underlyings. Audits are here to gain your trust. Check out the redemption process.

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MetaMetals Features

Web3 Integration

Blockchain technology helps to provide physically backed, indivisible products for the rapidly growing virtual space.

Web3 Infrastructure

Great collections come with great responsibility. We want to give buyers and holders many benefits, via great digital tools.

Smart Contract
Smart Contract

NFTs require a smart contract. A custom smart contract and its specs will be shared soon. Join the waitlist.

3D Objects
3D Objects

The unique structure of precious metals crystals can be mapped into distinctive objects using 3D models. Check out the amazing results.

Metaverse Integration

Metametals have utility. Integrations into many different games, plattforms, communities and galleries are important.

Physically Backed
Physically Backed

Our digital goods are backed by physical underlyings. Audits are here to gain your trust. Check out the redemption process.


Having question? We’re here to help!

Leave us a mail until the shop launches. Fiat, Crypto accepted.


3d models, are bound to our nfts. However each physical good has a digital copy in our vault for onboarding and redemption. Selling a MetaMetal via nfts will be an easy process.

Yes, our digital goods are physically backed and audited.


Non-Fungibility and utilization through application.