Osmium Crystal

798,00 €

Crystallized Osmium is known for its bluish shining crystal structure, high purity and extraordinary beauty. Our crystals ship with a digital certificate of genuineness.

  • Particularly high purity: Over 99.995%
  • Each osmium crystal is unique
  • Sparkles brighter and clearer than diamonds
  • Rarer than gold
  • High quality production from Austria
  • Weight: 4.2g

Buy osmium crystal: Order high-quality osmium precious metal crystals in the MetaMetals online store

You can buy high-quality osmium crystals from us and order them to your home (personal collection is also possible on request)! The osmium crystals offered in our osmium store are manufactured by our experts with the highest precision and undergo several internal testing procedures before they are offered for sale. This ensures that our customers receive a particularly high-quality osmium precious metal crystal.

Buying osmium crystals: What to look out for?

If you want to buy an osmium crystal, you will be confronted with a large number of offers online, which can make it difficult to keep track of everything.

Here are some tips for buying high-quality osmium crystals:

  • The purity of the crystals should be guaranteed by the osmium store. High purity is a quality feature of osmium crystals.
  • As with MetaMetals, osmium crystals should only be produced by experts so that the precious metals can be classified as safe.
  • Secure payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, Stripe or purchase by credit card can indicate the trustworthiness of an osmium store and offer the customer a certain degree of security when purchasing osmium crystals.
  • A certificate issued by the osmium manufacturer can act as a guarantee of quality.

Buy osmium crystals with PayPal, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, ...), bank trans-fer and secure, fast shipping

We offer our customers numerous payment methods for the purchase of osmium crystals, ranging from PayPal to credit card, bank transfer (including SEPA) and purchase on account as well as installments via Stripe or Klarna. It is also possible to pay in cash on collection in person. Cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase crystals with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other coins.

Note: If already produced osmium crystals are ordered, they can be shipped immediately. We use trustworthy and established shipping services such as the postal service or services specializing in precious metal shipping.

When an individual order is placed, the osmium crystal is produced exclusively for the customer. This process can take several weeks due to the complex manufacturing process (including the crystallization of the osmium).

Osmium crystals: Extremely rare and complex to produce

Osmium (atomic number 76, abbreviated to "OS76") does not exist in its original form as a crystal (osmium crystal), but as osmium powder. This powder can be purchased as "raw osmium" or "osmium sponge". However, due to its chemical properties, osmium in this form is usually not recommended for storage by private investors. Only the correct processing of raw osmium into an osmium crystal, for example, gives osmium its comparatively high price. Osmium crystals grow in a special process using high temperature and pressure. Each osmium crystal is unique, as the individual crystals grow uniquely each time. To ensure a high-quality result, no mistakes can be made during production. The complex production process contributes to the rarity and value of osmium crystals.

Order osmium crystals: Bluish shimmering, unique crystal structure meets unsurpassed "sparkle" (sparkles brighter than diamonds!)

In the world of precious metals, diamonds are often seen as the non plus ultra when it comes to brilliance and shimmer. Few people know that osmium crystals often refract light even more beautifully than diamonds and are therefore a popular object in jewelry production. Added to this is the natural blue-grey color of the crystals, which is typical of crystalline osmium and gives it a unique look. Unlike diamonds, the crystals of an osmium crystal are not usually polished, as they grow naturally smooth. Diamond can be industrially manufactured as carbon and is therefore not as rare as osmium crystals, for example.

Buy osmium crystals in various weight classes: 1 gram, 100 grams, 1 kilogram, ...

You will certainly have noticed that the osmium crystals in our osmium store are usually not available in "even" weight classes such as 1 g, 100 g or 1 kg, but in "odd" weights such as “4.2 grams”, for example. This is because osmium crystals are produced in a complex chemical process. As there is a strong organic component in the production of osmium crystals, it is not possible to predict in advance what the final weight of the finished crystal of osmium (Os) will be.

Osmium crystals price: Why is osmium in crystallized (crystalline) form so ex-pensive?

The price of osmium crystals is largely influenced by the complex and high-quality production process. Osmium crystals are formed by precious metal crystallization. This involves a great deal of technical and chemical know-how and even small deviations from the ideal, for example in terms of temperature, produce different results. Osmium crystals often take months to grow.

Are the osmium crystals purchased from our store dangerous?

The dubiousness that you sometimes read about in connection with osmium relates to the unprocessed form, for example when the osmium is available as raw osmium (powder). The osmium crystals that can be purchased in our osmium online shop is considered harmless to health due to the high-quality and precise manufacturing process. This applies in particular to osmium crystals, but also to osmium bars. Through the crystallization process, the osmium loses its potentially dangerous properties that are still present in its raw form. In osmium bars, on the other hand, the osmium is pressed into its shape by extremely high pressure and temperature so that OsO4 gas can no longer form on the surface in combination with oxygen.

Should you buy osmium crystals or osmium bars?

Whether to buy osmium crystals or osmium bars is a personal decision. Some investors or simply precious metal fans appreciate the aesthetic appearance of osmium crystals with their bluish sparkle (as already mentioned elsewhere, this sparkle is often described as more beautiful than that of diamonds). Some customers also see potential jewelry in their chosen osmium crystal. Other customers, on the other hand, like and prefer to buy a more compact ingot shape. 

Should you buy gold or osmium? Potential and future of the two precious metals

Both gold and osmium are precious metals, but they are fundamentally different from each other. This applies to their appearance, chemical properties and history. The yellowish precious metal gold has been used for centuries as money, but also as an investment. In contrast, there is bluish-silver osmium (Os atomic number:76), which was discovered around 1804 by the chemist Smithson Tennant, but could only be crystallized in the 2010s. The history of osmium and osmium crystals in particular is therefore much more recent than that of gold. Interested buyers are dealing with fundamentally different precious metals that are unique in their properties.

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