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Payment methods

MetaMetals offers all common payment methods from credit card to PayPal to classic bank transfer. Below you will find a list of the payment services you can use to pay for your order with us.

Credit card

You can use your credit card from Visa, Mastercard to American Express and other providers. Payments by credit card are processed by the financial service provider "Stripe".


It is also possible to pay for your purchase via the popular financial service provider "Klarna". Klarna is also offered via Stripe. Klarna offers purchase on account and in installments.


PayPal is one of the most popular payment service providers on the Internet. If you do not yet have an account with PayPal, first register at https://www.paypal.com/ and create an account. You can then use PayPal to order our precious metals in the MetaMetals online store.

Bank transfer

You can use the classic bank transfer for payment. Please note that a bank transaction within the EU takes at least 24 hours on working days. Transfers from countries outside the EU may take a little longer.

Cash payment

Payments in cash are also possible if you are close to the MetaMetals location.

Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum)

As we strive to integrate and connect new technologies and worlds such as Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the traditional financial world, we also offer the option of paying with the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) via MetaMask.