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MetaMetals products come in different packaging methods. Especially removable gel packaging is an interesting new method to seal precious metals crystals at a certain weight.

Main Takeaways

This article shows how the different packaging methods can be handled. E.g. crystals are poured into a gel at a certain size. Bars and small crystals come in a frame. 


Gel packaging

We distinguish precious metal crystals mainly in weight categories ( ~7g to 10g is a delimiter). This means that crystals with a weight smaller than 7g are mainly delivered in a sealed frame, crystals above 10g are mainly placed in a gel which is heated up and poured into a visible cube. Don't worry: The gel is removeable if it's prefered to hold a crystal in one's bare hands. We'll provide a tutorial for this. Some crystals which have less than 10g also bring in such a unique structure where gel packaging is prefered.

 The gel offers some advantages: 

  • Sealing: It's some sort of solid sealing which helps for the future reselling process. Precious metal crystals which stay in the cube are easier to verify during the selling process. Otherwise the products would have to be recertified again. That's also possible, however this will be handled with additional costs for the seller on the market platform. 
  • Transportation: The transportation of a precious metal crystal is far easier. 
  • The gel is removable: If it's prefered to hold a crystal in one's bare hands, the gel sealing can be removed.

At the moment we've got those weight categories due to some reasons. Our gel packaging in cubes comes in three different sizes (length-width-height in mm): 50x50x50 ; 100x50x50; 150x50x50
The smallest size is quite big for small crystals. The packaging decreases the visibility of smaller crystals. It also brings in a bit of distance between the owner and the physical crystal. Another reason is the uniqueness: The bigger a crystal, the more unique it is. 

If someone might want to take it out the crystal we'll provide you with a tutorial on how  how to remove the gel from the crystal. Please note, that this happens on everyone's own responsibility and the seal is broken in this case.

Frame packaging


Small crystals can be inserted into our black frames. They are also sealed and the serial of the crystal can be seen on the inside of the packaging. In a next step we'll also provide the QR code to the product certificate on the frame. 

We also offer direct pick-ups in Austria. If you'd rather get your hands on a crystal directly, that might be your choice of delivery. If so, feel free to reach out to us.

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. MetaMetals and the authors are not financial advisors.  People should seek for independent professional investment council.