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Why MetaMetals?

  • High-quality precious metals directly from the heart of Europe: Our headquarters, production and warehouse are located in Austria!
  • Guaranteed high purity: We guarantee a minimum purity of 99.95% for our bars and 99.995% for our crystals
  • Certificate of authenticity: Every customer receives a certificate of authenticity with their order
  • Safe: We stand for the safety of our products and only sell professionally processed, safe precious metals
  • Secure payment options: All products can be paid for using secure payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, Stripe and more
  • Secure packaging: Our products receive secure and impact-resistant packaging such as frame or gel packaging for our crystals and bars for maximum protection during shipping
  • Fast, insured shipping: Precious metals in stock are shipped quickly and insured by post or shipping service providers specializing in precious metals
  • Free, professional support before and after the order: Personal support on all matters relating to our products by telephone, email or chat

Highest quality

We specialize in the production of platinum metals. Every metal we produce, whether as ingots or crystals, goes through various stages in the manufacturing process, each of which is worked, tested and measured with the utmost care. Particularly complex processes for the production of osmium crystals, for example, require particularly precise work, as even slight deviations in temperature or pressure can lead to poor quality.


Every precious metal we produce (osmium crystals, osmium bars, rhodium bars and iridium bars) receives a certificate of authenticity issued by us. This certificate certifies the authenticity, the (minimum) purity, the production date and the weight.


Safety is a particularly important concern for us in all aspects. This applies in particular to the products themselves. The precious metals we produce are considered safe. We do not sell any questionable forms such as raw osmium. Through professional and expert processing, the metals lose their potential harmfulness in their original form.

Guaranteed high levels of purity

We measure and guarantee the purity specified for each precious metal for each of our products. Purity refers to impurities from other metals or substances. Our bars, for example, have a purity of at least 99.95%.  However, the actual purity may be higher than the value stated on the products.

Secure payment methods

Payment is made via secure and trustworthy payment providers such as PayPal, credit card, Klarna, Stripe or bank transfer. Due to our approach of combining the traditional financial world with the decentralized financial world, payment via Ethereum (ETH) is also possible.

Fast shipping

Precious metals that have already been produced are dispatched immediately and are usually delivered to our customers within a few days of ordering. We only use established shipping service providers such as Austrian Post or a shipping service specializing in precious metals (for goods worth over € 500).

Secure packaging

Some of our packaging is specially produced for the individual precious metal in order to ensure the highest possible security for the products during shipping. For our osmium crystals, we use special gel packaging that encloses the entire crystal. We use sturdy frame packaging for our ingots.

Free support before and after your order

We are available with our expertise before and after every order to answer any questions via e-mail, telephone or chat.